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Life is a wonderland!
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ThatCrazyGurlll has started a donation pool!
117 / 1,000
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Please donate!
I will give these donations to whoever needs them as well as use them for competition prizes / giveaways ^.^

If you donate, I will also do these stuff for you in return:

Snowflake bullet by Sukiie 1-10 points = llama + 1 fave
Snowflake bullet by Sukiie 11-20 points = llama + 3 faves
Snowflake bullet by Sukiie 21-30 points = llama + 5 faves + comment
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Snowflake bullet by Sukiie 41-50 points = llama + 15 faves + 5 comments + watch + shout-out
Snowflake bullet by Sukiie 50+ points = llama + 20 faves + 8 comments + watch + shout-out

A massive thank you to everyone who donates!!! Free Red Panda icon by slothkittens
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Pokemon Pixel Art
Cute Piplup by ThatCrazyGurlll
Vanillite by ThatCrazyGurlll
Chibi Ponyta by ThatCrazyGurlll
Floette by ThatCrazyGurlll
Espeon Commission by ThatCrazyGurlll
Doduo Commission by ThatCrazyGurlll
Bow Divider Blue by Sukiie Bow Divider Blue by Sukiie Bow Divider Blue by Sukiie 

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Say what Pokemon you want

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre What animation you want the Pokemon to do... Choose from either: blinking, floating, bobbing up and down, sparkles, or without any animation.

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre The time for me to make it varies (the maximum wait would be two days after I've read the request)

Bow Divider Blue by Sukiie Bow Divider Blue by Sukiie Bow Divider Blue by Sukiie 
One Shots
Little Hearts Divider (Pink_1) by JEricaMLittle Hearts Divider (Pink_1) by JEricaMLittle Hearts Divider (Pink_1) by JEricaM

In order for me to make a one shot story, I will need these informations:

pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii The character you want to be with...
pixel ribbon bullet by puucheiiYour name (it could be your real name, a fake name, an oc or it could just be a reader-insert story)...
pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Personality (what is your character like? Or I could always make it up for you)...
pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Your relationship with the character (e.g. do you hate each other?)...
pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Plot of the story (if you want me to do a specific plot for you then please give me the details. Or I could give you a story that I came up with on top of my head involving that character)...
pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Other details that you might want to include (e.g. place / scene / setting)

Animes / Mangas I've watched or read (I will keep adding to this list as time goes on. If you want to suggest a one shot that's not on the list, please feel free to do so. I will do some research on that character and watch one or two episodes of that anime to give me an idea of what the character is like - I'm always up for a challenge so please don't hesitate to ask me):

pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji                  pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Spirited Away
pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Ouran Highschool Host Club              pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Attack On Titan
pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Blue Exorcist / Ao No Exorcist            pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Soul Eater
pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Death Note                                        pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Vampire Knight
pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Fruits Basket                                      pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Pokemon
pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Sword Art Online                                pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Card Captor Sakura
pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Detective Conan                                pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Say "I Love You"
pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Another                                              pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Hetalia
pixel ribbon bullet by puucheiiPandora Hearts                                   pixel ribbon bullet by puucheii Karneval

(It might take me a while to create these one shots so please be patient!)

Little Hearts Divider (Pink_1) by JEricaMLittle Hearts Divider (Pink_1) by JEricaMLittle Hearts Divider (Pink_1) by JEricaM

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ThatCrazyGurlll's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
Hi! My name is Hazzel... I'm very awkward and also very crazy at the same time :D

My friends (if you want to be on the list, just tell me)
:iconshoot4theskyeee: :icongoldenskarmory: :iconsilvernight121: :iconthatcrazygurll: :iconhiccupbiscuit: :iconalltimecasey: :iconshleymeister: :iconzuberit:

You can also follow me on Quotev... I've got lots of stories and quizzes for all my lovely followers and viewers <3

Which Kuroshitsuji Character Would You Date?
Which Kuroshitsuji Character Would You Date?
Hosted By Anime


Cant Live Without Music by the-emo-detective CCS- Kero stamp by Kaze-yo Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness by ClefairyKid Love To Write Stamp by Latias-Flyer Everybody Wants Happiness Stamp by mylastel Stamp: I love looking at books by apparate Nightowl Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Pyjama Days Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Love imagination stamp by Mel-Rosey FB Zodiac: Dragon by KTstamps Cute Face L + Stamp Death Note by Ludra-Jenova Stamp | Senpai by CuteSight Libra Stamp by mylastel Argue With That Logic by PsychoMonkeyShogun .:Just a Dreamer by ginkgografix Fangirl stamp by sumenya Kuroshitsuji stamp by xselfdestructive :thumb174902450: :thumb423188332: Death Note stamp by nekya :thumb349021460: Amaimon is watching - Stamp by Dracomin Sword Art Online Stamp by LaraLeeL Weird Stamp by Kojima2087 Dream stamp by Affordable Pokemon Stamp by WetWithRain OMNOMSTAMP by madelezabeth Ciel Phantomhive Fangirl by Yuki006 Books over all by PixieRiot Ouran Stamp 1 by HBP12 OHSHC Stampz: HikaHaru Cookie by acww-freak08 Exalibur Dance Stamp by AlClair Fading Alois by Julesie Kuro Stamp by Melodious-Muse I -Heart- Music by LiMT-Art The Fault In Our Stars Stamp by Mockingjayflame I have way too many stamps by jreaver What did I just dream stamp by Toxic-Mario Soul Eater - Stamp by Kizushik wrong reality by WolfcatStamps Count yourself in - STAMP by Creativeness Sarcastic Stamp by PixieDust01 Make Life Extraordinary Stamp by mylastel Night Lover Stamp by Petylossu Ciel stamp by the-sorcress Kuroshitsuji:Ciel Stamp by dzika-koala Kuro: Ciel stamp oo2 by Kaze-yo Kid Stamp by eemii-Chan Chibi Sebby stamp by LuVCHiBiDeSu We're All Mad Here by EmmaL27
Sunrise Inspiration by AngelicHellraiserSunrise Inspiration by AngelicHellraiserSunrise Inspiration by AngelicHellraiser


Soooo... Is anyone familiar with the two Ciel theory??? If you haven't heard about it, click on this link so you can find out more:

If you have, watch episode 8 of Black Butler and see if you notice anything: (you can skip to 4:50 if you want cuz that's where some hints are displayed...)

After watching that, click on this link so you can see the what exactly was happening on episode 8 to prove the two Ciel

Idk if it's just me or what but I'm getting excited over here for no reason -__- oh wellllll.... If the theory is real, I wonder what the 'other' Ciel's name would be...

Sooooo that's all for nowwww........

 <--- This ending though Grell Sutcliff (Fangirling) [V2]Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1]Squee!Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6]Kao Emoji-93 (Excitement) [V5] 

Sunrise Inspiration by AngelicHellraiserSunrise Inspiration by AngelicHellraiserSunrise Inspiration by AngelicHellraiser
  • Listening to: Feel (by Sleeping With Sirens)
  • Reading: Fan fictions (hehehehehehe...)
  • Watching: Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler :3
  • Eating: Oreossss

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